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On Monday 3 September 2018, BIPT will start the preliminary consultation on the new draft reference offers of Proximus for local unbundling (“BRUO offer”) and bitstream access (“Bitstream xDSL”).

The latter replaces two previous offers: BROBA and WBA VDSL2. The reason for those new offers are significant changes in the existing reference offers necessitating a preliminary consultation.

The changes are mainly inspired by changes in the Proximus IT systems.

The term for the preliminary consultation on the reference offers is six weeks and ends on 15 October 2018.

This step should enable BIPT to incorporate fundamental criticism from current and potential beneficiaries and to carry out the adaptation needed, before a formal, full consultation on these new offers is started.

Respondents should kindly make sure that the object of the response contains at least the following reference “ “CONSULT-2018-C5/ 18-791”.

By way of the market analysis BIPT has obliged Proximus to publish new reference offers regarding FTTH (bitstream over direct Fiber access), VULA (virtual local unbundling) and multicast, among other things.

The preliminary consultation on these reference offers will be started based on the terms for publication specified in the market analysis. As a consequence the current preliminary consultation has nothing to do with that.

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