In this draft decision the monthly wholesale tariffs for access to the FTTH GPON network of Proximus are submitted for public consultation.

This draft decision is an implementing measure of the CRC of 29 June 2018 (with an erratum of 11 July 2018). It details the price control obligation imposed by the CRC regarding access to the FTTH network of Proximus and analyses the reasonableness of these tariffs.

How to send responses to this consultation: per e-mail at (subject: CONSULT-2020-D6)

Deadline: until 30 October 2020

Contact person: Martin Dorme (+32 2 226 87 06,

Responses must be submitted electronically at the address indicated. Please use as cover page the cover form that must be attached to the response.

Responses must clearly indicate the confidential information. The BIPT also requests that the comments made refer to the paragraphs and/or parts they concern.

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