On 13 December 2019, the BIPT adopted a decision regarding the analysis of the market for high-quality access. 

In that decision various obligations are imposed on Proximus, including the transparency obligation. 

This transparency obligation includes the publication of a reference offer, a document describing the information, tariffs and technical specifications of the regulated wholesale offer. 

Following that decision Proximus provided the BIPT with an update of the reference offer for active high-quality access, namely the BROTSoLL reference offer or “Proximus Reference Offer for Terminating Segments of Leased Lines”

After a few additions asked by the BIPT this reference offer was submitted for informal pre-consultation to the sector. 

Based on the comments made a few provisions of the reference offer were analysed. The current draft decision discusses those aspects and is now submitted for public consultation. 

How to send responses to this consultation:

  • Per e-mail at consultation.sg@bipt.be (subject: CONSULT-2021-A6)
  • Deadline: until 28 April 2021. The deadline has been extended to 10 May, 2021.
  • Contact person: Laurence Hoflack (+32 2 226 87 81) 
  • Responses must be submitted electronically at the address indicated.
  • Please use as cover page the cover form that must be attached to the response.
  • Responses must clearly indicate the confidential information. 
  • The BIPT also requests that the comments made refer to the paragraphs and/or parts they concern. 

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