In the field of amateur radio, two events are of particular importance this year.

The first is the "International Amateur Radio Day" on 18 April 2021, with the theme "Home, but never Alone".

The aim of this day is to encourage radio amateurs to continue experimenting with radio in general and technology in particular.

This theme shows the importance of this particular social network in the context of the current pandemic that is plunging many people into social isolation.

Secondly, the anniversary of the first transatlantic radio transmission on 12 December 2021.
On that date, it will be 120 years since Guglielmo MARCONI first succeeded in transmitting radio signals across the Atlantic Ocean, without wires.
This marked the beginning of the telecommunications era and was the start of what many radio amateurs still do every day.

Even in the age of high-speed communication, the BIPT wishes to honour and support these events. 

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