On 13 December 2019, the BIPT adopted a decision regarding the analysis of the market for high-quality access. In that decision various obligations are imposed on Proximus, including the transparency obligation. 

This transparency obligation includes the publication of a reference offer, a document describing the information, tariffs and technical specifications of the regulated wholesale offer. 

Following that decision Proximus provided the BIPT with an update of the reference offer for active high-quality access, namely the BROTSoLL reference offer or “Proximus Reference Offer for Terminating Segments of Leased Lines”

The current decision treats this reference offer. The subjects treated are of an operational nature on the one hand (i.e. terms and SLAs) and relate to the tariffs of the services not yet included in the previous version of the reference offer, on the other. Proximus must update its reference offer based on the conclusions made in this decision.

The entire history of the process regarding the adoption of this decision can be found here.

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