Since the 2021 edition, the national benchmarking is based on the household profile methodology. This study takes demand as its starting point, i.e. the needs that different types of telecoms service users have to satisfy. The user profiles studied are those of households with sufficiently varied profiles to give a broad and varied picture of the Belgian residential telecoms market, without aiming to be exhaustive. After three years of use, it was necessary to review the profiles of the national benchmarking according to the new usages and consumptions (TV via an app, streaming increase, mobile usage and fixed speed increase, development of fibre...).

This consultation concerns the redefinition of the profiles used in the studies on the national price benchmarking for fixed and mobile services on the residential market. This, while taking into account the changing needs of consumers and considering profiles that are sufficiently representative of all segments of the population (low to high usage). 

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