BIPT is organising a consultation regarding the cost models for the access to the cable operators’ networks and to Proximus’ FTTH network.

This consultation aims at providing transparency to the sector concerning the cost modelling process and gathering any useful remarks aiming at adapting, when necessary, these cost models.

This document introduces and describes the consultation process. It also details the most relevant aspects related to the costing for which BIPT requires the feedback of the stakeholders. It includes a number of specific questions to which stakeholders are invited to answer.

The consultation concerns the following documents:
- Consultation document (this document);

- Descriptive manuals of the cable and FTTH models;
- User manuals of the cable and FTTH models;
- Public version of the cable and FTTH cost models;

How to send the responses to this consultation: per e-mail at (subject: CONSULT-2018-D2).

Deadline: until 24 januari 15 February 2019.

Contact person: Martin Dorme (+32 2 226 87 06,

Answers must be submitted electronically at the address indicated. Please use as cover page the cover form that must be attached to the response.

Responses must clearly indicate the confidential information. BIPT also requests that the comments made refer to the paragraphs and/or parts they concern.

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