This document is being revised due to regulatory changes.

Consultation launched by BEREC on a draft report on OTT services

The Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC) submitted its draft report on OTT services (over-the-top services) for public consultation from 5 October to 2 November 2015. This draft report provides an analysis of OTT services, proposes a definition of the latter and examines their impact on the electronic communications sector. This report is available on the BEREC website.

BIPT, which takes part in the work of BEREC, can only encourage the sector to provide its contribution on the draft report.

Upon publication of the final version of this report, BIPT will consider the need to adapt its communication of 27 February 2015 about the obligation to notify oneself as an operator to BIPT.

The purpose of this communication is to help third parties to determine whether they have to notify themselves as an operator to BIPT. BIPT reminds its readers of the legislation and its practice, which are known or reputed to be known to companies active on the electronic communications market. However, companies wishing to enter the market or exercising electronic communications activities on a subsidiary basis only are probably less familiar with those rules. That is why BIPT thought it would be useful to consolidate and, if possible, to popularise the answers to questions frequently asked to BIPT on this matter. This communication is not exhaustive and will evolve according to the specific cases BIPT will be confronted with, the feedback from stakeholders, the need to develop or clarify certain notions, and technological and legal developments.

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