Data centres play a crucial role in the digital world. In order to gain better insight into the current Belgian market the BIPT is carrying out a study on the Belgian players in the field of activity of the data centres and of the providers of digital content. The BIPT has contracted out this study to the Dutch consultancy Stratix. For more information please contact the BIPT and Stratix

The objective of this research is to give a first thorough description of the companies and the trends on the Belgian market. Apart from the commercial developments, such as growth of the companies and number of customers, specific consideration is also given to safety and sustainability. The scope of the study is not limited to the data centres per se, but also the network providers (“connectivity”) and the content delivery networks (CDNs) are described.

Apart from commercial or colocation data centres, there are similar rooms in Belgium, which are used for in-house service provision. Those rooms are also known as server rooms or computer centres. This type of buildings and locations is also examined.

For the study on private server rooms the technical managers will be contacted by e-mail inviting them to fill in the online questionnaire. Filling in this survey takes less than 5 minutes.  The data collected will obviously be treated confidentially. A number of the companies will be contacted for an interview, after they have filled in the succinct questionnaire. The online survey and the interviews have no commercial purpose. They are only intended for the study.

By way of this message the BIPT announces that this study is now taking place and asks who is contacted by Stratix to cooperate in this research.

For more information please contact the BIPT and Stratix

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