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  • Evolution of revenue in the postal sector

    Evolution of revenue in the postal sector
  • Hunting

    CB and PMR-446 radios can be used for hunting, without a licence; BIPT assigned 8 frequencies for hunting with a maximum power of 5 W for use throughout Belgium.
  • Number block portability

    Number block portability is the transfer of an entire number block assigned by the Institute from one operator to another.
  • National restrictions

    The information available on the packaging shall allow the identification of the Member States where national restrictions exist.
  • Equipment bought abroad and/or on the Internet

    Radio equipment that is placed on the EU market is presumed to meet the requirements. Market surveillance authorities such as BIPT ensure that only the radio equipment that is in conformity is placed on the market. However, the buyer must always be careful and check if the equipment he or she buys bears the CE marking and comes with the EU declaration of conformity of the manufacturer. If you buy equipment outside the European market, you may be considered as an importer. In that case, you must guarantee that the equipment is destined for the EU market and that it is in conformity with all the legal requirements.
  • Drones

    In addition to those regarding radiocommunications, the use of drones is subject to other rules.
  • International telephony services

    These markets concern the retailing of international fixed telephony services for residential and non-residential customers.
  • Transfer or rental of use rights

    An operator wishing to transfer or rent its use rights may request it to BIPT.
  • Terminated allocation procedures

    This section regards the terminated procedures for allocation of user rights.
  • Cooperation between the levels of power regarding electronic communications – CRC

    In Belgium, the competences regarding electronic communications in the broad sense are shared between the Federal State and the Communities. The Communities are competent regarding radio-broadcasting and television as “cultural matters”. The Federal State is competent for the other forms of electronic communications.

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