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  • Means of action

    To carry out its missions, BIPT has several means of action
  • Open Data

    The open data of the BIPT can be found at the BIPT Data Portal and at the federal platform Open Data; requests for re-use can be submitted through this portal or be addressed to the BIPT directly. Your questions relating to re-using the data of the BIPT can be sent directly to by e-mail.
  • Useful tools

    In order to help users choose powerful services at the best possible terms and conditions where they need them, BIPT has developed several useful tools
  • Missions

    Electronic communications, postal services and media in the Brussels-Capital Region are BIPT’s main fields of activity. For each of them, the regulatory action of BIPT is based on six basic objectives.
  • Strategy

    A vision enables an organisation to define what it upholds.The values of an organisation enable all the stakeholders (including its staff, customers, suppliers...) to ensure each day that all the actions it takes comply with its missions and vision. BIPT’s missions and vision, taking account of its values, follow 4 strategic axes.
  • Surveys

    Once or twice a year, BIPT paints a “picture” of the applicable rates on the residential market for electronic communications services. Each year since 2012, BIPT carries out a comparative price study of telecommunications products in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Since 2012, BIPT has a thorough survey carried out about the perception of consumers on the functioning of the electronic communications market in Belgium.
  • Working at BIPT

    At BIPT, various profiles are regularly gathered in multidisciplinary teams where engineers, jurists, economists, technicians and file managers are working together. Recruitments take place after passing an exam organised by Selor.
  • Plans and reports

    As an independent agency, BIPT is of course accountable for its activities. Each year, in its annual report, BIPT gives an account of its activities of the past year. Every three years, the BIPT Council draws up a strategic plan, the final version of which is submitted to the Chamber of Representatives.
  • Applicable regulations - BIPT

    The applicable rules are published in French and Dutch only.
  • Call for input regarding the ERGP Work Programme 2021

    News -
    Call for input regarding the ERGP Work Programme 2021

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