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This decision defines a national leased lines market based on SDH and WDM technologies, regardless of the speed. It concludes that Belgacom (now: Proximus) has significant power in this market and, as a consequence, imposes a series of remedies on the operator.

On 15 October 2009, following an appeal lodged by Belgacom, the Brussels Court of Appeal annulled this decision. The appeal in cassation lodged by BIPT against this annulment was rejected by the Court on 4 March 2013.

On 14 October 2010, BIPT adopted a renewal decision rectifying the annulled decision.


27/09/2010 - Annex 2 to the Decision of 14 September 2010 correcting the Decision of 17 January 2007 on the market analyses relating to leased lines: coordinated version of the Decision of 17 January 2007 taking account of the adopted modifications

27/09/2010 - Restoration decision of 14 September 2010 correcting the Decision of 17 January 2007 on market analyses relating to leased lines

06/02/2007 - BIPT Council Decision of 17 January 2007 on the analysis of the markets of the “leased lines” group


04/03/2013 - Judgment of 4 March 2013 on the appeal against the BIPT Council Decision of 17 January 2007 regarding market definition, the competitiveness analysis, the identification of SMP operators and the determination of appropriate remedies for the markets of the "leased lines" cluster (markets 7-13-14)

15/10/2009 - Judgement of the Court of Appeal of 15 October 2009 (leased lines)


06/07/2006 - Summary of the input of stakeholders to the national consultation regarding markets 7, 13 and 14 ("leased lines" cluster)

28/04/2006 - Consultation on the BIPT draft decision with respect to the analysis of the cluster "Leased lines" markets


09/02/2007 - Advice of the European Commission regarding markets 7, 13 and 14 (cases BE/2006/0551, BE/2006/0552 and BE/2006/0553)

08/02/2007 - Request for opinion to the Competition Council on the BIPT draft decision regarding the analysis of the markets from the "leased lines" cluster

08/02/2007 - Response of BIPT to the Opinion of the Competition Council regarding markets 7, 13 and 14 (“leased lines” group)

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