Based on the available information, BIPT finds that bpost has carried out measurements in order to assess the satisfaction rate of its customers in 2014, and gives a favourable opinion as regards the realisation of the 2014 improvement plan and the improvement measures which it aims at for 2015. Based on the data provided by bpost BIPT comes to the conclusion that the general satisfaction rate peaks in 2014 with 86.5% of the customers indicating that they are rather satisfied, satisfied or very satisfied. Although customer satisfaction has increased in general, BIPT points to the decrease in customer satisfaction of companies as regards among other things the proximity and the opening times of the Postal Points. An exploratory study into the preferences and needs (that may have changed) of companies might constitute a possible solution to the get a better insight into the problem. BIPT encourages bpost to continue its efforts as regards the improvement of the satisfaction indices that relate among other things to the services in case of loss of or damage to the regular items of companies, the ease with which registered items can be received for companies and private persons and the accessibility of the postal offices for companies and private persons

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