• BIPT outlines the consequences of the destruction of GSM masts

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    Mobile operators install their masts at well-defined locations in our landscape in order to provide the Belgian population with maximum coverage and thus a maximum accessibility indoors and outdoors. Encouraging the destruction of masts and damaging them are both punishable offences. The perpetrators are liable for damage caused to operators but also to third parties. Furthermore, the damage represents a threat to the use of mobile services by the inhabitants of that area and the passersby. As a matter of fact, the damaged connectivity could make it difficult to call emergency and essential services (doctors, hospitals, police, fire brigades, anti-poison service, suicide prevention service, domestic violence call line...). It could also jeopardise the orderly functioning of emergency services which can use the location data when a caller is in distress and is, for instance, unable to communicate his or her location. Damaging mobile equipment is particularly irresponsible in the context of the current lockdown period, during which it is more important than ever to keep in touch with our families and loved ones, to be able to contact emergency services and to continue to participate in the economic and social life.
  • The share of media in mobile data

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    BIPT has published a study carried out by Capgemini Invent on the estimated share of media in the volumes of data transmitted over mobile networks and the revenues arising from it for the next 20 years. Conducted at the request of Minister of Telecommunications, Mr Philippe De Backer, the purpose of this study is to objectify the distribution of revenues from new frequency bands designated for 5G between the Federal State and the Communities. The share of media in the total volume of mobile data is estimated at 4,9% or 17,8% depending on the definition used for the term “media”. Within the revenues from mobile data, the share of media is estimated at 7,9% or 28,2%.
  • Five operators are taken into account by BIPT for the granting of temporary rights of use for the introduction of 5G

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    Five operators are taken into account by BIPT for the granting of temporary rights of use for the introduction of 5G
  • BIPT extends the deadline for applications for the assignment of additional 4G spectrum

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    Brussels, 19 March 2020 – On 20 February 2020 BIPT launched a call for applications for the assignment of the remaining available spectrum in the 4G frequency band (2.6 GHz). Given the measures taken at the national level against the spread of the coronavirus, the deadline for applications is extended to Friday 15 May 2020, at 10 a.m.
  • BIPT makes additional spectrum available for 4G

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    At the request of a Belgian company the BIPT makes available the spectrum that is still free of the 4G frequency band 2.6 GHz following a planned new auction.
  • The BIPT suggests a temporary solution allowing the introduction of 5G and ensuring the continuity of 2G and 3G rights

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    In order to allow an initial roll-out of 5G in Belgium and to ensure the continuity of the service provision for current 2G and 3G licence holders, the BIPT proposes different solutions
  • BIPT imposes a fine on Telenet and Proximus for non-compliance with the rules on the identification of prepaid users

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    In its decisions of 14 January 2020, BIPT imposed a € 150,000 fine on Proximus and a € 88,782 fine on Telenet for non-compliance with the regulation regarding the prior identification of end-users of prepaid cards
  • The BIPT is publishing its international comparative price study for 2019

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    The study published by the BIPT on its website today reveals varying results for the comparison of the residential prices for telecom products in Belgium with its neighbouring countries
  • BIPT updates its network quality data

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    BIPT has updated its website bipt-data.bewith recent data on the quality of Belgian telecommunications networks
  • BIPT continues to regulate high-quality connectivity

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    BIPT confirms that Proximus still occupies a dominant position on this market. Several measures have been imposed upon Proximus to foster competition, so that companies can derive benefits in terms of choice, price and quality.

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