• 8 recommendations to promote mobile broadband take-up in Belgium

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    Brussels, 11 June 2014 – Mobile broadband penetration has risen from 16% (2011) to 45.7%. This means that over 45% of all mobile users also use mobile data on their smartphones or tablets.  Despite catching up Belgium is still below the EU average (62.4 %). Although mobile broadband use has grown significantly in the past 2 years, there are still a number of bottlenecks, such as the emission standards, taxes on mobile infrastructures, information to consumers that still curb the growth of mobile broadband in Belgium. Therefore, in a study carried out by IDATE Consulting for BIPT, 8 recommendations are made to promote mobile broadband penetration in Belgium.
  • A fine has been imposed on the fourth mobile operator BidCo

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    NV Telenet Tecteo BidCo which acquired a fourth 3G licence in 2011, failed to launch a commercial service on 15 January 2013. As a result BidCo deprives possible other interested parties from high-quality frequencies. As already announced by BIPT, a fine is imposed on the company which has 6 months to put an end to the infringement. Additional sanctions could follow.
  • A new boost for the electronic communications sector in 2015

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    Annual statistics relating to the telecoms sector in 2015.
  • A study of the BIPT predicts the risks of congestion of 4G networks

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    A study of the BIPT predicts the risks of congestion of 4G networks
  • About us

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    BIPT is the federal regulatory body charged with the regulation of the electronic communications market, the postal market, the electromagnetic spectrum of radio frequencies and the radio and television broadcasting in the Brussels capital region.
  • Accessibility statement

    This website partly complies with the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards 2.1 level AA. We are working to provide all users with an even more accessible version, and this as soon as possible.
  • Action for annulment of Viasat of 4 August 2020 against the letter of the BIPT of 5 June 2020

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    Action for annulment of Viasat of 4 August 2020 against the letter of the BIPT of 5 June 2020 considering that Inmarsat Ventures Ltd did not infringe the regulatory framework controlled by BIPT and that no action is necessary
  • Aeronautical

    ULMs, airliners, balloons... all radio-equipped aircraft must have a licence on board describing the equipment, pursuant to international regulations. The person operating this installation has to hold a restricted operator’s certificate for an aircraft station. BIPT is in charge of issuing these authorisations and certificates.
  • Agreement between the Directorate General of Air Transport and the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications clarifying the use of radiotelephone call signs of aeronautical mobile stations

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    This document specifies the call sign to use for radio communication between an aircraft (including ULM, DPM and paramotors) and ground stations.
  • Alert mechanism (Bill Shock)

    Alert mechanism (Bill Shock) : In order to help you keep your expenses under control, the law created an SMS alert mechanism if you exceed your mobile subscription limit.

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