• “DECT 6.0” cordless phones disturb mobile operators’ networks

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    BIPT warns again against illegal “DECT 6.0” cordless telephones; they create interferences on mobile operators’ networks.
  • “Everything you want to know about fibre”: the BIPT tells you all about it on a new website

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    www.fibreinfo.be informs the target groups about fibre and its roll-out
  • "Price" studies

    Once or twice a year, BIPT paints a “picture” of the applicable rates on the residential market for electronic communications services. Each year since 2012, BIPT carries out a comparative price study of telecommunications products in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Since 2012, BIPT has a thorough survey carried out about the perception of consumers on the functioning of the electronic communications market in Belgium.
  • 1 candidate for the fourth 3G licence

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    1 candidate for the fourth 3G licence
  • 14 telecom operators signed up for a campaign in October to promote mobile Internet in Belgium

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    14 telecom operators provide advantageous actions such as supplementary data volume, for persons who up until now did not use mobile Internet, or only to a small extent.
  • 1993-2018: 25 years of activity

    On 16 October 2018, BIPT celebrated its 25th anniversary with an academic session.
  • 3 candidates for the delivery of recognised newspapers and recognised periodicals

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    BIPT has received 3 candidacies for the concession regarding the delivery of recognised newspapers and recognised periodicals. The deadline for candidacies was 11 June 2014. The Belgian State will now evaluate the candidacies and invite the selected candidates to submit an offer
  • 5 candidates about to participate in the auction of 4G licences

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    5 applications have been submitted to participate in the 4G auction.
  • 5G

    Whats is 5G? Which frequency bands does it use? How does it manage privacy and network security issues?
  • 8 recommendations to promote mobile broadband take-up in Belgium

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    Brussels, 11 June 2014 – Mobile broadband penetration has risen from 16% (2011) to 45.7%. This means that over 45% of all mobile users also use mobile data on their smartphones or tablets.  Despite catching up Belgium is still below the EU average (62.4 %). Although mobile broadband use has grown significantly in the past 2 years, there are still a number of bottlenecks, such as the emission standards, taxes on mobile infrastructures, information to consumers that still curb the growth of mobile broadband in Belgium. Therefore, in a study carried out by IDATE Consulting for BIPT, 8 recommendations are made to promote mobile broadband penetration in Belgium.

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