• Family with high needs

    Savings can be achieved by using different providers for fixed (Internet, television, fixed telephony) and mobile services.
  • Niels: fixed usage without mobile

    The cheapest offers of the Scarlet-Tadaam-Zuny brands allow you to spend on average €208 less than with Proximus-Telenet-VOO over a year.
  • Emma: student with mobile

    For the student with a mobile, the offers of the low-cost brands make it possible to pay less than with the traditional brands.
  • Nadine and Jonas: couple with limited needs

    By opting for a brand other than Proximus-Telenet-VOO, you can reduce your bill.
  • Family with moderate needs

    There are fewer offers, unless you take different providers for your fixed (Internet, TV, fixed telephony) and mobile needs.
  • Mila: moderate mobile usage

    The analysis of the mobile market shows that substantial savings can be made by comparing all available offers and by increasing competition.
  • Mayssa: high mobile usage

    For the "High Mobile" profile, the cheapest offers from MVNOs or low-cost MNO brands are less expensive than those from incumbent MNO brands.
  • Liesbeth: basic mobile usage

    For the "Basic Mobile Usage" profile, the cheapest offers of each MVNO allow, on average, over one year, to pay €55 less than those of the historical MNO brands.
  • FAQ

    All you need to know about 5G

    The Regions’ general brief aiming to regulate the protection of the environment also entails the power to adopt measures to prevent and minimise the risks related to the non-ionising radiation. It is therefore the Regions that define the radiation standards (standards for maximum emission) the operators have to comply with. The mobile operators are required to comply with these radiation standards, regardless of the technology they use. 

    The Regions also carry out inspections in the field to verify whether the radiation standards set by them are complied with. 

    For more information or to request radiation measurements, we invite you to contact your regional administration in charge:

    • Brussels Capital Region
      Brussels Environment
      Tel. 02 775 75 75
    • Flanders
      Environmental Department of the Flemish Government
      Tel. 02 553 83 50
    • Wallonia
      Institut scientifique de service public
      Tel. 04 229 82 35 (info-ISSEP) 

  • FAQ

    Most manufacturers commercialise 5G compatible telephones but the majority of the Belgian users does not have such a device. In general, a new device will have to be purchased in order to be able to use 5G.

    All you need to know about 5G

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