Belgium missed two European deadlines for the 5G roll-out in 2020: 30 June 2020, the date set for allowing the use of 5G in the 700 MHz band and 30 December 2020, the deadline for 3400-3800 MHz and at least 1 GHz in the 26 GHz band (provided there is sufficient demand from the market, which is not the case in Belgium today).

Most European countries did make the 5G pioneer bands available:

  700 MHz 3400 – 3800 MHz
Cyprus December 2020 December 2020
Denmark March 2019 December 2020
Germany Juin 2015 June 2019
Estonia   December 2020
Finland November 2016  October 2018
France Novembre 2015 October 2020
Greece December 2020 December 2020
Hungary April 2020 April 2020
Irland   May 2017
Italy October 2018 October 2018
Latvia   September 2018
Luxembourg August 2020  August 2020
The Netherlands July 2020  
Norway June 2019  
Austria September 2020  March  2019
Slovakia December 2020 July 2017
Espagne   July 2018
Czech Republic January 2021 January 2021
The United Kingdom July 2020  April 2018
Sweden December 2018 December 2019
Switzerland June 2019 January 2019

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