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A bundle or pack is a commercial offer including at least two separate telecommunications services. It can include two, three, four or even five different telecommunications services: fixed telephony, Internet, analogue television, digital television or television via an app, mobile telephony or just some of these services. It is also possible to add several mobile subscriptions. 

There is no single answer to “is a bundle more advantageous?”

Here are the points you should focus on when checking if the chosen bundle suits you: 

Included services

  • Does the bundle suit your needs: number and type of services included? 
  • Do you need all the components of that bundle? Is a lower price a sufficient argument to subscribe to a quadruple play bundle instead of a triple play bundle? 
  • Does the type of included communications, the type of television, the type of Internet connection, the included speed, the included volume... suit your telecommunications consumption profile? 
  • Do the bundle specifications suit the needs of your family: number of mobile subscriptions? Characteristics of these subscriptions? 


  • You must weigh your desire to have only one bill against the amount of that bill; 
  • If you can benefit from a discount during a number of months, be sure to check the amount that will be due each month after this discount period; 
  • Be also sure to check if you can benefit from a discount on the installation, activation, rental or purchase of the hardware.

It should be noted that the operator must specify the duration of the contract you must take out to benefit from the discount (the duration cannot exceed 24 months). 

If a promotion includes a free device or device at a reduced price, bought from the operator and if you have taken out a fixed-term contract, the operator must annex the repayment table to the contract. The table must show the residual value of the device for each month of the term of the fixed-term contract. The residual value of the device must decrease by the same amount each month. 

You have taken out a 12-month subscription. When signing the contract, you “bought” the device for 1 EUR. The table annexed to the contract indicates:

Month  Residual value
0 120 EUR
1 110 EUR
2 100 EUR
3 90 EUR
4 80 EUR
5 70 EUR
6 60 EUR
7 50 EUR
8 40 EUR
9 30 EUR
10 20 EUR
11 10 EUR
12 0 EUR

You decide to terminate the contract after 8 months: the operator can charge you a compensation of 40 EUR.

It is rather difficult for an average user to compare the various bundles on the residential market due to their characteristics. Because of this, the BIPT launched a tool enabling you to compare them based on objective criteria, i.e. the tariff simulator. To see the whole range of bundles that are offered by the operators which are active on the Belgian residential market, the BIPT created a free online tool enabling you to compare tariffs: gathers all the tariff plans in a correct and neutral manner. Everything is checked by the BIPT. Choose your service and specify your postcode as well as the maximum budget. Then choose between a manual or an automated search. Based on these data, we will calculate the most advantageous offer to you, including add-ons and promotions. After a few clicks, you will then get an overview of the different tariffs suited for you. Moreover, this tool allows you to simultaneously display and compare up to five plans of your choice.

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