Decision of 22 January 2019 imposing a 300,000 euro fine on Telenet for not indicating the Easy Switch ID on certain business customers’ invoices


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In this decision BIPT imposes a 300,000 euro administrative fine on Telenet as the latter did not indicate the Easy Switch ID in a straightforward manner on the invoices of his business customers having subscribed to a tariff plan for “fixed” telephony, Internet and/or television, intended for consumers, during the period from 1 July 2017 until December 2018.

Customers have to give that Easy Switch ID to their new operator for the latter to arrange the customer’s entire switch in his place. BIPT found that by only referring to the customer zone to find the Easy Switch ID on the invoices involved, Telenet did not abide by Article 16, second sentence, of the Easy Switch RD and therefore complicated the Easy Switch process for the customers in question.

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