Wholesale tariffs for cable access

In 2011, the CRC (Conference of Regulators of the electronic communications sector, gathering the VRM, the CSA, the Medienrat and BIPT) imposed on the cable-operators Brutélé, Coditel (Numericable), Tecteo, and Telenet to open up their networks to the alternative operators wishing to provide television and broadband services over the cable.

The CRC then determined the tariffs cable-operators could bill to alternative operators:

  • Start-up contributions (intended to cover implementation costs incurred by cable-operators);
  • Line tariffs (owed every time a client leaves a cable-operator for an alternative operator);
  • A "minus" (of 20 to 30% according to the situation) applicable on retail tariffs of every cable-operator. Such a "minus" determines what the alternative operator has to pay on a monthly basis to a cable-operator in order to resell its television and broadband offers. The principle of the "retail minus" methodology consists in establishing the price of a wholesale service by reducing the retail service price by a percentage corresponding to certain irrelevant elements.