In the first round of the market analyses two mobile markets were analysed, namely the market for access to and call origination on mobile networks (market 15) and the market for call termination on each mobile network (market 16, 03). These analyses have led to the decision of 11 August 2006 for market 16, 03, and the decision of 2 May 2007 for market 15. 

The decision of 11 August 2006 regarding market 16 was subsequently modified at various occasions by means of the following decisions: 

  • complementary decision of 18 December 2007
  • complementary decision of 29 April 2008
  • renewal decision of 10 August 2010 

These decisions regarding market 16 were replaced by the analysis of the call termination market of 29 June 2010.

This file comprises moreover different documents published by BIPT under the old regulatory framework.