The regulation regards the markets defined by BIPT for which it analyses whether there is sufficient competition. If necessary BIPT can impose obligations in this context. 

To define these markets a list of relevant markets is used identified by the European Commission as laid down in its recommendations that are regularly revised. The first list dates from 11 February 2003, the second from 17 December 2007 and this list has been revised for a third time on 9 October 2014.

As regards the relevant markets it is determined in a market analysis whether one or more market players have significant market power. If such is the case, BIPT imposes obligations to said players. 

For practical reasons BIPT divides the markets as follows:

  • fixed telephony
  • broadband
  • leased lines
  • mobile telephony
  • broadcasting

For each of these markets the market analyses and related implementation decisions are discussed in the relevant sections.

In addition, market regulation requires powerful tools - such as cost models - as well as certain measures such as the accounting separation and price monitoring obligations. Such measures are often parallel for various markets and are therefore treated in a separate chapter "price and cost monitoring".