Specifications No 2015/Market/Price Squeeze – General call for tenders with European Publicity for the account of the BIPT regarding the development of a price squeeze testing tool

Public procurement

Publication date


The tenderer shall write new guidelines, taking into account the remedies currently imposed and recent developments in this matter. Those new guidelines shall take into account the fact that the bundled offers phenomenon raises new methodological questions. The tenderer shall also develop a computer tool which makes it possible to translate the guidelines into concrete calculations. To that end, the tenderer shall define the data to be collected from operators and shall introduce them into the tool. The new guidelines and the computer tool shall be submitted for public consultation. The tenderer shall draw up a summary of the comments made during the public consultation, analyze these comments together with BIPT, make recommendations taking these comments into account and modify the guidelines and the computer tool accordingly - in agreement with BIPT.

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