Changing the tariff plan

Changing the tariff plan with your operator can be done, but your operator may ask for compensation. Ask your operator.

As from 8 May 2014, the law gives you, the customer, the right to change tariff plans with the same operator at least once a year, free of charge and without any compensation.

When the services included in your new tariff plan are the same as in your old one, there is no new contract duration of one year for example. As a matter of fact, the duration of the former tariff plan will simply continue.

That is important when you want to cancel your contract: a fixed-term contract (e.g. 1 year) can be cancelled free of charge after 6 months. (A permanent contract can be cancelled free of charge at all times).

It is also possible to switch to a tariff plan that includes other services than your old tariff plan, at least once a year free of charge. In that case, however, a new contract duration will start.