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KMI/IRM and BIPT work together

KMI/IRM and BIPT work together

The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (KMI/IRM) and BIPT work together to detect radar interference.

Radar images can be disturbed by transmitters that use the same frequency band as the radar (around 5 GHz). Those are often powerful Wi-Fi transmitters providing a wireless link between points, e.g. at a camping site or at a company that wants to wants to link several of its buildings by means of a wireless internet.

A Wi-Fi transmitter has to continuously scan the frequency band to find out whether a weather radar is using the same frequency. If so the Wi-Fi transmitter has to adapt its frequency by means of DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection). Unfortunately, certain transmitters do not, resulting in interference to weather radars.

The BIPT and the KMI/IRM have decided to exchange more information and to establish an action plan to identify undesirable jammers in the future.