BIPT publishes an "Atlas" of the fixed broadband access coverage

Today  BIPT  publishes  on  its  website  the  maps  showing  the coverage  of  the  fixed  broadband  networks  in  Belgium.  These  maps  indicate  the percentage of dwellings that can be connected to the broadband access service in each municipality  section  according  to  the  different  download  speeds.  According  to  these maps,  99.9%  of  the  residences  in  Belgium  today  have  access  to  a  fixed  1  Mbit/s connection.  As  far  as  high  speed  (30  Mbit/s)  is  concerned,  Belgium  has  an  estimated coverage percentage of 93.5% of the habitable dwellings and for very high speed (100 Mbit/s) the estimated coverage rate is of 91.1% of the habitable dwellings.