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Which substances/products can’t I send by post?

The following items are not permitted for transport:

  • items that are subject to the Penal Code or penal provisions;
  • postal items that bear markings on the outside contrary to common decency or public order;
  • objects, the nature or wrapping of which may pose a threat to people or objects that may cause pollution or damage;
  • weapons, including daggers, dagger knives and clubs.


The following objects may not be included in postal items:

  • narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • explosive, flammable or radioactive and other dangerous substances. A number of these substances may however be transported if the transporter holds a specific licence from the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control. In addition particular stipulations are laid down by the FPS Mobility (


Exceptionally the following animals are allowed in postal items, other than insured items:

  • bees, leeches and silkworms, sealed in boxes fabricated in such a manner that all threats are excluded;
  • the transport of parasites, insects and such between officially acknowledged institutions is subject to specific rules.


Note that postal operators may add additional prohibitions in their general terms.