You change operator: can you keep your e-mail address?

Yes, provided you have an e-mail address based on a domain name of your own ( or which is independent of your Internet provider (gmail, yahoo, etc.). Those addresses can keep on being used with your new provider.

Yes, for free during 18 months after your contract with your current provider has ended, if you ask this before the end of your current contract and if your e-mail address contains the domain name of your current provider (e.g. The Internet providers have concluded an agreement in that sense .

Your current provider should mention once a year on your invoice the options available to you (access to your e-mail account or transfer to your new adress or both) and explain

  • how you can keep the access to your e-mail account (receiving and sending mails from the old address and storage capacity);
  • or how you can ask for the mails to be forwarded to a new e-mail address.

You can use this 18 months' period to inform all your correspondents about the change of your e-mail address.