How does the alert system work ?

The alert system concerns the mobile phone and Internet for which you pay a bill (postpaid). Operators are obliged by law to implement this system.

A double alert is created by the system:

  • the first concerning your subscription's allowance;
  • and the second when the upper limit is exceeded.

The default spending limits are set at €50 VAT included (on-top of the amount of your fixed charge).  

These spending limits can be set at €50, €75 or €100 or be removed. They can be changed for free at least once a month. Additional spending limits can be proposed by your operator.

If you have a subscription with a fixed amount (for instance €20 a month), your operator automatically sends you a free message once you have spent €20 and reached your subscription's allowance, and a second message once the upper limit is exceeded, for instance once you have spent €70 (€20 of the fixed amount + €50 of the spending limits).

If there is no fixed amount, you can set the spending limits and be alerted once these are reached.

Please note that: You are warned but the service will not be blocked, even if the limits are significantly exceeded.

The alert message is a SMS for mobile phones or an e-mail for the tablets and laptops that can not receive SMS.

Check with your operator whether roaming calls or calls to premium rate numbers are included in the spending limits.

Please note that: as far as roaming communications are concerned you receive an alert message once you have reached 80% of the spending limits and the service is blocked if you exceed these limits. You can ask your operator not to apply any limits for the roaming calls.

Royal Decree of 9 July 2013

BIPT Council Decision of 20 November 2012