Things to remember when preparing your trip

  • You can choose a fixed time of day to consult your e-mails and disable the data traffic function immediately after. Also rather opt for an SMS service to receive certain news messages instead of over the Internet or through e-mail.
  • Bluetooth and Internet waste a whole lot of energy on your device; deactivate those functions as much as possible. It is useful to have a car charger, as well as a portable charger.
  • Check the usual voltage of your holiday destination and what plugs and sockets are used there. You might need an adapter (Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Japan, …) 
  • Do not leave your device exposed to the sun: the battery will empty quickly be and the heat can damage your device. … and mind the rules regarding “hands-free” use in the car…

Finally, some useful safety tips:

  • 112 is the free international emergency number in Europe. Teach this number to your children as well.
  • Save your ICE number on your device: ICE means “In Case of Emergency”. Save the number of your contacts in case of emergency under ICE, followed by the name (ICE parents, ICE partner, …). It will make the task of the rescue services easier to get in touch with your relatives.
  • In case of loss or theft of your device contact your operator's customer support service as quickly as possible to have your line blocked. This way you prevent other people from using your device at your expense.