Where can you find the international roaming tariffs billed by your operator until 15 June 2017?

You have four possibilities:

  1. When you take out a subscription, your operator has to provide you all the information on the roaming charges he applies.
  2. Your operator must automatically send you an SMS when you enter another European Member State.
    This SMS tells you the surcharge that will be billed for roaming consumption on top of the domestic price.
    This SMS also includes a free phone number that you can call or text to. Through this number, your operator has to provide you with all the information on the roaming tariffs of the country where you are. This way you can ask for the roaming rates for incoming and outgoing telephone calls, text messages and use of the Internet.
  3. Operators have to inform their subscribers when they change their roaming tariffs, e.g. by means of the monthly bill.
  4. You can always contact your operator to know the current roaming tariffs.

As of 15 June 2017 you can call, send SMS messages and surf in every other EU country with your Belgian subscription at the domestic tariff for your communications.