• The BIPT extends its tariff simulator to microenterprises and the self-employed

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    The self-employed and 'SMEs can also use besttariff.be to access a telecommunications tariff tailored to their real needs.
  • The BIPT publishes a study on the sustainability of the telecom networks in Belgium.

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    A study commissioned by the BIPT shows that sustainability is a major theme for the Belgian telecom operators. During the 2018-2021 period their energy consumption dropped by 11% and the CO2 emissions by 38%.
  • The BIPT publishes a study on data centres and digital content providers in Belgium

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    In order to get a better overview of the Belgian players in the field of data centres and digital content providers, the BIPT conducted a study analysing the commercial developments on the market and making an inventory of the services offered. Security and sustainability were also examined.
  • Save up to €240 per year by comparing telecoms tariffs

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    Due to the current high inflation rates, consumers are paying more attention to their budgets. Moreover, some operators also reflect the rising inflation in their prices. Therefore, regularly comparing tariffs in a far from uniform telecommunications market is more useful than ever to save money, regardless of the household budget. Several telecommunications offers have recently adjusted the amount of data included. Carrying out a tariff comparison helps consumers see which services best suit their real needs. The latest national price comparison study of the BIPT shows that this approach pays off.
  • Radio spectrum auction ultimately yields more than 1.4 billion euro

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    Brussels, 20 July 2022 – Today, the BIPT concluded the final phase of the radio spectrum auction. Following the conclusion of the first phase of the auction of the new 5G spectrum (700 MHz, 3600 MHz) and the existing 2G and 3G radio spectrum (900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz) on 20 June 2022 producing 1.2 billion euro, the BIPT has now also concluded the second and final phase of the auction (1400 MHz radio frequency band). In this frequency band another 90 MHz was auctioned. This auction yielded 216.540.000 euro bringing the total amount for the two auction phases to 1.418.732.400 euro.
  • Public inquiry regarding sustainable collection and delivery

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    This inquiry is part of a study on the postal aspects of e-commerce the BIPT launched in May 2022, which also examines the environmental aspects of the first and the last mile.
  • Communication on the Report on net neutrality monitoring in Belgium (period from 1 May 2021 - 30 April 2022)

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    Concerning the period from 1 May 2021 - 30 April 2022, the BIPT described all activities it carried out in the field of net neutrality and adopted the Report contained in the Annex.
  • Radio spectrum auction brings in 1.2 billion euro

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    Following the start on 1 June 2022 the main phase of the auction of the new 5G spectrum (700 MHz, 3600 MHz) and the existing 2G and 3G radio spectrum (900MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100MHz) was ended with proceeds of 1,202,192,400 euro.
  • Record level of investments in the telecoms market

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    The decrease in the number of fixed telephony lines continued in 2021. In its annual report on the figures of the electronic communications market, the BIPT noted a further decrease of almost 10% in the number of connections. The fixed broadband Internet traffic continues its upward trend, increasing by almost 13%, and bundles are increasingly used for this purpose. The average data consumption per fixed broadband Internet connection also increased to 239 GB per month, 19 GB more than in 2020. Major investments are being made in order to keep up with this development: the BIPT reports a record level of investments. Last year, investments in the fixed segment increased by no less than 23% to over EUR 1 billion.
  • Economic situation of the telecoms sector 2021: presentation

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    Economic situation of the telecoms sector 2021: presentation
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