Bpost network

Bpost’s office network consists of a comprehensive network of postal service points comprising:

  1. post offices: post offices are run by bpost and provide at least the basic assortment as well as the following four services:
  • collection of money deposits to credit a bank account;
  • money withdrawal from a proper account at the counter;
  • payment of postal orders;
  • receipt of postal transfer forms for payments out of one's own account..
  1. postal stops: postal stops are contact points in which postal staff provides at least the basic assortment during a restricted number of hours.
  2. postal points: establishments run by a third party in name of and on behalf of bpost.


The basis assortment provided in the postal service points exists of:

  • receiving letters and parcels forming part of the universal service, with the exception of items with a declared value;
  • keeping and delivering registered items and parcels forming part of the universal service and for which a message was left;
  • sale of stamps;
  • acceptance of deposits into accounts of financial institutions, accompanied by structured communications, limited to 300 euros.


Next to the basic assortment the entire assortment comprises the following services:

  • carrying out transactions with regard to the basic bank service;
  • payment of domestic postal orders;
  • accounting of funds and documents of title for traffic penalties;
  • sale, refund, change and exchange of fishing licenses;
  • receiving money deposits into a postal current account and carrying out payment transactions from and to these accounts;
  • receiving money deposits to credit a postal current account or an account with another financial institution.